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Keeping track of small parts with the right storage solutions

Supplier: Spacepac Industries By: Hamidreza Salarian
16 October, 2014

Floorspace is always on the minds of warehouse managers, as storing items inefficiently can lead to wasted corners, crevices and profit.

But what about smaller products that don't require ample amounts of space, but still need to be organised in a way that makes them easy to reach, find and unload? Workers can cumulatively lose hours searching for small parts in bins that may be spread all over a storage area.

Instead, warehouse managers may want to look into one of the many products from Spacepac that are ideal for housing small parts.

For example, the Compactus Storage and Filling Solutions eliminates the need to use several aisles for small parts storage, consolidating all this into a single shelf. This makes it easier for workers to find what they need quickly, and also leads to major cost savings.

Another option may be the Ultima CI-80, a comprehensive filing and storage system that can be adjusted and tailored to any workplace.

These shelves are completely modular and can adapt to any environment.  Thanks to their design, as your business grows and more storage is needed, the shelves can easily be adapted - adding much needed flexibility to fast-paced work environments. 

All it takes is one initial installation and companies can slowly add on to the side, to the rear or even vertically, making space as needed for new products.

Also available are Maxi Bins and Accessories, which make it easy to color code small parts, and are also great for improving access.

Just because they're small doesn't mean they're any less important. Choose the proper products to organise all smart parts and you may see a major difference in productivity.