What Spray Nozzle Engineering offers for fire protection design

Supplier: Spray Nozzle Engineering
17 June, 2013

Spray Nozzle Engineering Pty Ltd engineers and supplies all forms of nozzles for many different industries, in the area of fire protection, many of our special nozzles have found application in special hazard situations such as in petrochemical applications and tunnels.

With our strong understanding of nozzle performance, the ability to provide comprehensive support and performance data on our nozzles, and with the availability of many special "Approved" nozzles not usually found within your own standard range of HV nozzles or MV Sprinklers, we are able to complement your existing nozzle and sprinkler range and help provide appropriate nozzle selections and solutions for system designers, assisting them in many "more complex or unusual" special hazard specifications and requirements.

These nozzles include Unique HV, MV, Mist and Foam types that all deliver special and proven performance characteristics.

<img src="http://sprayingsolutions.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/drift-fire-sprinklers.png"/>

above pictures: Air Velocity Deluge disturbance Video Capture. Small Droplet Sprinkler Vs Large Droplet Spiral.

Air Velocity =10m/s, pressure at nozzle is 4barG. Relative Drift ratios have been devised in our experiment. The type of supportive design material we can provide.


Just one example of this service is Trajectory Modeling of Nozzles in High Air Velocity Conditions. We are also able to provide unique nozzles such as the "N" series Spiral Nozzles as used in the City Link Tunnel project, or as chosen as part of many Petrochemical Fire system refurbishments, transformer protection etc. We were able to provide Spray trajectory data for these projects so that designers could more readily predict the performance of the nozzle under certain conditions, wind, corrosion, etc. This then helped finalizing nozzle arrangements and control systems with these considerations.