Supplier: Biomass Heating Australia
19 December, 2019

There is nothing quite like the warmth of a Wood Pellet Heater, the feel of a real flame coming from 100% Australian Hardwood Pellets. Wood Pellet Heaters are the modern day equivalent to a wood heat

Rather thank burning chunks of wood a wood pellet heater creates warmth from burning small wood pellets, which burn efficiently because of our process methods we reduce the moisture content of our pellets to below 8%, where Logs contain  up to 48% moisture.
The auger motor, convection fan, exhaust fan and electronics of a Wood Pellet Heater run on a small amount of electricity of around 40 watts. Our Wood Pellet Heaters come with remote control for armchair control and 12 months warranty. So our wood pellet heaters give you all the benefits of burning wood - but with much more efficiency and using 100% Australian  wood waste material from 100% Australian Sawmills. 
Firewood can contain up to 48% of moisture, where as our Wood Pellets are 100% Australian made from wood waste material  from the sawmills of Australia and contain less than 8% moisture because of our production process. So they burn cleaner, longer  and provide you more heat.
Save Money and Save our Environment all at the same time.
As an extra bonus, because they steadily feed fuel (Wood Pellets) into a burn pot that produces a constant flame the requires no physical adjustments. Sit back in your armchair and control your Wood Pellet Heater from your remote control and relax.
Our Wood Pellet Heaters provide efficient warmth, create ambiance in the room and is the right decision for the environment.