Sullair Launches AirLinx™ – Remote Monitoring Programme

Supplier: Sullair Australia
26 June, 2015

Sullair have launched a new remote monitoring programme, AirLinx™, which allows Sullair’s Champion compressor users to monitor their compressor data 24 hours a day.

The additional knowledge and understanding of your machinery can be the difference between costly downtime and uninterrupted service. The question is, will you be prepared?

AirLinx™ allows you to be proactive when it comes to facility maintenance. By having real-time access to your machine’s production levels you can limit downtime, streamline production processes, improve efficiency and most importantly, focus on running your business.

Answer these 3 questions to determine if AirLinx™ is a solution you need?

  • What is your downtime cost if the air compressor breaks down?
  • Can you afford the costs to repair the machine if it breaks down?
  • Is your compressor performing as effectively as it should?

The AirLinx™ controller is mounted in the compressor, which records its parameters in real time and sends information to the cloud. With the AirLinx™ remote monitoring system, data and machine performance can be observed through a simple and easy to read dashboard accessible from your mobile, tablet or computer.

There are two AirLinx™ plans you can purchase; AirLinx™, and AirLinx™ Plus. AirLinx™ monitors all fundamental features including pressure, service intervals and machine running hours. AirLinx™ Plus provides all of the features offered in AirLinx™, plus, a number of advanced benefits such as ambient temperature monitoring and motor speed/utilisation on VSD machines. AirLinx™ and AirLinx™ Plus plans are available nationwide through Sullair Australia’s seven branches and distributors.