Sugar Syrup Treatment System wins Ringier Awards for innovation

Supplier: Fluidquip Australia
07 August, 2014

The purpose of the Ringier Awards, held annually in China since 2005, is to encourage and reward companies who have made prominent steps to innovate technologies and products.

Hanovia won the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Award (Food and Beverage Industry) for their medium pressure, multi-spectrum UV sugar syrup disinfection technology. Hanovia stood out from the competition as having an innovative technology that offers an effective disinfection for sugar syrup used in the food and beverage production process. 

Compared with traditional technologies, Hanovia's UV system effectively overcomes the problem of low UV transmittance in high viscosity liquids such as sugar syrups. It efficiently destroys bacteria, viruses and spores without altering the colour, odour, pH or stability of the final product or producing any unwanted disinfection by-products. UV disinfection helps food and beverage producers minimise chemical additives and preservatives while ensuring microbial safety.
This year Hanovia is celebrating 90 years of manufacturing and innovating UV disinfection technology for industrial applications. To further the commitment to innovate and provide better and safer UV technology to the food & beverage industry, Hanovia recently established an Asia Pacific UV Application R&D Centre in Shanghai. Hanovia UV is distributed in Australia by Fluidquip Australia.