Sir Meccanica Portable Machine Tools

Supplier: CNC Machinery Sales Australia By: T.Sprague
05 April, 2016

For over 20 year Sir Meccanica (Italy) has been at the cutting edge of design and production of portable multifunction machine tools. This extensive high quality range of portable machines is now available Australia wide through CNC Machinery Sales Australia.

The Sir Meccanica range includes flange facing, drilling & milling machines, orbital CNC lathes, rotary welding, threading and Multi-Purpose In-Line Boring machines in both automatic and now full CNC.

By far the most popular worldwide has been the WS series Multi-Purpose In-Line Boring machine. With only one set-up and one machine they can perform: In-line boring, Internal and External Rotary welding: (also for blind holes, and combine with any type of wire welder), Drilling, Tapping, Facing, Bosses, External machining or circlip grooving.

Each machine has two motors, one for rotation and one for feed providing excellent control and power. Models are available with capacities ranging from 22~70mm bore right up to 400~1700mm bore. Machining lengths are unlimited thanks to their patented connectable shafts with conical couplings.

The latest addition to the range the WS Full CNC is unique in that it has all the advantages of the WS series, enhanced with a CNC head that allows it to perform the following machining operations.

  • Curved shaping with any type of radius
  • Conical machining and any type of chamfers
  • All types of threading
  • Simple and shaped facing
  • Any type of grooving
  • Phonographic grooves

Min / Max diameter 160mm to 600mm.

Longitudinal strokes available 250mm, 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm.

For more information please call CNC Machinery Sales Australia on 1300 262 622.