Robust, Accurate New Torque Wrench Raises the Standard

Supplier: Norbar Torque Tools (Aust)
15 July, 2008

Norbar has been making torque tools in England for more than 65 years. And now introduce one of the most significant new designs in Norbar's history, the new TruTorque.

The aim of the design team was to produce the best possible tool using the latest materials and engineering techniques for UK and World markets and at a competitive price. The result is an outstanding range of products.

Key objectives were to produce a wrench that is durable and will stay in calibration for as long as possible, even when used regularly in tough workshop conditions. The new wrench uses an improved mechanism that still retains some of the elements from the original tried and tested design.

Adjustment is simplicity itself, with the coarse scale on the handle and a micrometer for fine setting. Whereas some well known wrenches need an arm wrestler to adjust them, the new Norbar Wrench moves with fingertip control over the whole length of the scale. The totally new grip design is extremely comfortable with excellent slip resistance in all conditions.

TruTorque models cover a total torque range from 20N.m to 300N.m in five models. All sizes offer bi-directional torque control, essential for left hand threads and for controlling the maximum torque when undoing bolts. Ratchets are reversible for ease of positioning and have a narrow engagement angle so they can be used in tight spaces.

The TruTorque is accurate to ±3% of reading, exceeding all international standards and each wrench is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. A lock is incorporated to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque.

Norbar tools are still made in England and calibrated in-house with traceability to Norbar's UKAS accredited torque calibration laboratory.