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Road Construction Products | Advanced Solutions for Sealed and Unsealed Roads.

Road Construction Products

Our innovative road construction products enable road makers to build better road infrastructure that costs less, lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Made in Australia, our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, underpinned by a dedicated network of Australian distributors committed to good old-fashioned customer service. We assist customers on the ground to ensure they achieve the best results.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid - PolyCom is an innovative road stabilisation product that enables road makers to build high integrity pavements from almost any naturally occurring material. Just 2 kilograms of PolyCom transforms 100 tonnes of road material into a stronger, longer lasting pavement, resulting in economies of transport never experienced in the industry.

PolyCom treated roads last up to six times longer than untreated roads, resulting in significant financial savings due to reduced road maintenance, water usage, plant maintenance and carbon emissions. In 2014, Earthco Projects won a 2014 Banksia Awards and Premier's Sustainability Award for their work building sustainable roads with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

DustChek Dust Control - DustChek reduces dust on mining and industrial roads where there is an ongoing watering program in place. Also used for dust control on stockpiles, rom pads and open areas, the application of DustChek enables water savings of up to 90% and improved traction, whilst reducing maintenance requirements and delivering substantial savings to haul fleet operations as a result.

QPR Pavement Repair - QPR is a ready-made bagged asphalt used for permanent repairs on potholes, utility cuts and damaged pavements. QPR contains a proprietary mix of ingredients designed to stay where it's put. QPR is available in 15kg bags and pails, 22kg bags and 1 tonne bags.

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Our innovative road construction products are available from a dedicated network of distributors across Australia.

Betta Roads - Betta Roads is the sole distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek in Western Australia.

SEALS Group - SEALS Group is the sole distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid, DustChek and QPR in Queensland.

Earthco Projects - Earthco Projects is the sole distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek in VIC, NSW and TAS, and QPR Pavement Repair in all states except WA.

Our distributors work closely with local councils and shires, mine site operators, Oil and Gas field operators, Civil design engineers, Wind Farms, Solar Farms, Logging and Forestry Roads and other Civil Works, to build stronger roads and reduce maintenance.

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