Remote Monitoring Boards and Solutions – RMS Series

Supplier: Helios Power Solutions
06 April, 2018

No matter how far or remote your site’s location maybe, as long as there is internet connectivity you will be able to Monitor your battery voltage over the internet with isolated voltmeters.

Control generators, pumps, lights, turn devices on or off. Measurement of battery voltage and charging. Amperage measurement through a shunt. Measurement of wind turbine and solar panel output. Detection of A/C power, presence or absence. Door and window contact monitoring. Fuel tank level monitoring. Email and SMS Alerts.

High reliability is extremely important for any remote communications site. Some remote sites are helicopter access only for most of the year. At $2000.00 per hour for a helicopter, you will want to plan your trips instead of reacting to dead batteries!

Custom Solutions

  • Enclosure Solutions
  • Plug & Play
  • External temperature sensors, flow meters, irrigation control, data logging to a USB flash stick, and generator control modules.

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