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Productivity and quality with Kempact RA welder

Supplier: Kemppi Australia
13 July, 2012

Smash repairer improves productivity and quality with the Kempact RA welder.

Barbaneras Prestige Smash Repairs is a medium-sized repairer of smashed luxury vehicles.

Located in St. Peters, NSW, the busy operation repairs between 25-35 cars per week. Staff found themselves undertaking various tasks from minor welding touch-ups through to major panel work.

According to owner, Peter Barbaneras, the business prides itself on its expertise, efficiency and in providing excellent welding repairs on automobiles.

"We are a very efficient and effective operation but we are constantly looking at ways of improving our workflow and the quality of our work," Barbaneras said, "so we are always interested in new equipment and new ideas and how these can help us deliver a first class result."

"Also, welding car panels is a very fiddly and complicated process. Even with years of experience welding is a difficult job so we are always keen to assess any equipment that can help us to simplify and improve the welding we do."

With this in mind Barbaneras was scanning a trade publication when he came across the Kemppi ad on the Kempact RA series.

The Kempact RA family is a range of purposely-designed welding machines for mechanics and body shop repairers. The compact MIG/MAG welders combine a robust, portable and easy-to-use design with quality, functional features that make welding hassle-free, quick and high quality.

The Kempact RA range uses Kemppi's latest power source platform. It ensures optimal welding performance and exceptional power cost efficiency. They are available with 180, 250 and 320 ampere power sources, and users can choose from seven models and from either a Regular (R) or Adaptive (A) control panel interface.

New technology features include reduced energy costs of more than 10% when compared to conventional step controlled power sources, Brights cabinet lighting for easy wire loading in low light conditions, a WireLine service alert function that signals routine wire-path maintenance needs, plus the integrated GasMate chassis design, which makes gas cylinder loading and machine movement easy and safe.

"When I saw the Kempact RA ad what caught my eye was the upright position of the machine," Barbaneras said.

"This was something quite different. I rang Kemppi and asked for more information. They not only sent me the information, they also sent out a rep to demonstrate the machine."

After examining the new Kempact RA Mig model, Barbaneras was impressed.

"This is the first Mig welder that I am aware of that exists in an upright vertical position," he said.

For the user this is ideal because it means you can easily read the monitor and it's more comfortable to use. Plus, the vertical position lets us save on space.

"The machine welds different alloys including aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. When the rep demonstrated the Kempact RA the weld seemed to happen quickly and easily so I wanted to trial the machine."

Barbaneras was keen to test the Kempact RA Mig model to ensure it could really deliver efficiency benefits to his business and Kemppi readily agreed.

"We worked the machine on a number of jobs and we found that the inverted spot welder takes all the guesswork out of the job. It helps you control the weld so that you can weld correctly.

"And because you're welding correctly the first time there is little need for rework, so each welding job can be done quickly and to standard first time round.

"You're also spending less on materials such as welding wire because there's less need for rework."

Since purchasing the Kempact RA Mig model Barbaneras has not looked back.

"It has helped us streamline our welding process even further, making us more productive while improving our welding quality," he said.

"We no longer waste valuable time and money reworking welds. For us, the Kempact RA Mig machine has been invaluable."

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