MayTec offers clients fully customised workstation designs

Supplier: MayTec Australia
04 June, 2012

It is now recognised that properly designed industrial workstations are a key factor in maximising production and reducing the amount of employee downtime.

Production manager Alex Reading said that workstations can be designed to fit the production process. Formerly, the production line had to be built around existing fixtures.

"Employers know that throughput is highest when the operator can reach everything he needs quickly and smoothly," he said.

"Similarly, employees know that if they are comfortable, they will be able to contribute more efficiently."

It is possible to adjust each workstation for each individual worker. Footrests and table heights can be easily raised or lowered while reach lengths can also be changed.

Workstations made from aluminium profile can be made to fit any space, whether it be a small corner or a long production line.

Power and data cabling, audio and lighting are all easily fitted. Attention to ergonomic detail in the planning stage will allow a smoother flow of production and fewer work related back and neck strains.

Aluminium profiles are easy to fit, can be adjusted and are reusable. Because of the unique joining system, there is no welding required. They also can be added to at any time.

MayTec Australia has the experience to recommend the appropriate configuration for any requirement. They offer a full design and construct service or will supply profile pre-cut to existing plan.

For more information, call the sales team on 02 9999 0890.