Link Edge on display at KHD

Supplier: KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
25 October, 2013

The team at KHD recently installed Link Edge in the KHD Showroom in Malvern, VIC.

Link Edge is one of the recently added products at KHD and is a welcome addition to the range.

Link Edge is a flexible aluminium edge, ideal for lawns, gardens, paving and bitumen, which can be used on, levelled or inclined surfaces and can form curves and circles with no fuss.

Link Edge is a superior alternative to wood, which can rot, warp and be destroyed by termites. Link Edge is also longer lasting than plastic, which can become brittle over time from exposure to the sun and a clear alternative to steel, which rusts and leaves sharp edges.

Next time you are in Malvern, drop into the KHD Showroom at 1279 Malvern Road, Malvern.

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