How to select an integrated software package for your construction business needs

Supplier: Viewpoint By: Viewpoint
10 September, 2019

Viewpoint has put together an eBook called the 'Practical Guide to Selecting Construction Software' - helping businesses to understand how to make the right software decisions for their business.

If even one job is poorly handled, it can put a contractor’s reputation — and prospects for future work — in jeopardy. That’s a lot for a contractor to manage, and the challenges only grow when you factor in issues like:

  • Lack of data transparency across project teams
  • Time wasted converting or reentering data from multiple non-integrated software solutions
  • Manual processes that slow communication and collaboration
  • Project delays due to mistakes, lack of information, weather and other factors
  • Mismanaged or noncompliant subcontractors and other external project contributors

In order to manage these challenges more effectively, you need the right tools. One of the keys to boosting construction efficiency and productivity is finding and using the right construction software.

Please visit our website to access the eBook and learn more about one integrated software solution for the Construction industry.