High speed security folding doors

Supplier: DMF International By: Stephen Fell
27 August, 2020

DMF have the ability to supply and install large high speed folding Efaflex SFT doors for emergency services for NSW, ACT, Vic and TAS.

The requirement was for a door that could provide security, and tolerate a quick action of opening, together with reliability and strong wind resistance.

The fast action means doors would be fully opened in a matter of seconds, saving time that is critical in an emergency situation. The Efaflex SFT high speed folding door could provide this, and yet still offer a very aesthetic finish to the building.

The doors are designed with a bi-parting action, and framed windows for maximum light. Full safety sensing can be installed and soft stop action means a very quiet operation.

DMF have provided both these and high speed spiral roll doors to a number of clients requiring fast action security doors, including carparks, prisons, airports, and warehouses.

DMF are Australian partners for the German Efaflex product, manufactured to our customised requirements, bringing a quality that is unsurpassed, and great operational longevity.

Our high speed folding doors are the fastest opening security doors available, ideally suited for emergency services, and have been supplied to

  • ACT Fire and Ambulance
  • NSW Fire
  • Melbourne Fire Brigade
  • Tas Ambulance

For more information on high speed folding security doors, or high speed spiral doors, please call DMF or use the IndustrySearch enquiry box for a direct reply.