High speed Roll Doors for Warehousing and Logistics will save your costs.

Supplier: DMF International By: Stephen Fell
21 October, 2019

Our RL3000E high speed rapid roll door model improves efficiency and maintains a good climate control for applications where high traffic volumes exist.

DMF International Pty Ltd is a Sydney based company with over 50 years experience in manufacturing specialist doors for control of dust, vermin, temperature, and security for many applications, where there is high traffic movements.

The Series RL3000E Rapid Roll high speed door is custom made in our Sydney factory, and is equipped with many options of activation and safety sensors. With HMI controller and encoder door settings, this model door will provide the perfect solution to protect your important storage atmosphere, and provides door speeds of operation up to 1.5m/sec. This fast action will enhance productivity for forklift movement, maintaining temperature, dust, and even a secure environment.

DMF are the oldest designer and manufacturer within Australia, and have the design capabilities to go beyond the standard door componentry, to fully customise the product for the most intricate, demanding, or constrained application.

DMF install high speed doors all around Australia, and export to NZ, SE Asia and as far as UAE.

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