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Eliminating workplace waste with efficient top-loaders

Supplier: Spacepac Industries
27 August, 2015

Disposing of waste can lead to unexpected high costs, but Spacepac products can eliminate these unnecessary expenditures.

With lean operations growing in popularity all over the world, there's regular talk of how to eliminate waste and trim operations down to only the most essential functions.

However, it's important not to forget about actual waste waste management, as this can lead to extremely high unexpected costs for industrial facilities producing huge amounts of waste materials on a daily basis.

To substantially improve costs tied to waste disposal, many businesses have turned to the Orwak 5070 Baler, distributed by Spacepac. This small machine uses a top loading feature that makes it easy to pack waste materials down into more manageable sizes.

When waste is organised into manageable blocks, it makes it easy to haul it from one area of the facility to another, and can even open up precious space for offices, machinery or storage that would otherwise be taken up by waste.

The machine is ideal for sorting and baling paper packaging, cardboard, plastics, empty sacks and similar items that may turn up in facilities. The system can handle both dry and semi-wet waste by combining several chambers.

As with all products Spacepac offers, the Orwak Baler was designed with employee safety in mind. The machine features a uniquely designed press head and a smart all-in-one control lever that makes operation extremely safe.

What's more, all moving parts are housed in an internal and inaccessible space to minimise the chance of coming into contact with employees.

The product is ideal for baling aluminium cans and other metal food and paint cans, steel straps, shrink film, juice boxes, steel drums and even hazardous waste containers.

Don't waste any opportunities when it comes to taking out the rubbish. With Spacepac products, you can improve safety and efficiency in every facet of operation.