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Customised safety solutions to meet your workplace safety initiatives

Supplier: Enware
11 October, 2016

Industrial experiences have shown that initial first aid treatment for many hazardous contaminants should be to wash the contaminated part of the body as soon as possible.

Every second counts in the treatment of an injury so Enware emergency systems are designed to swiftly deliver an effective response.

Enware offers customised solutions for specific users, sites or hazards to meet particular workplace safety initiatives. Enware’s experience and flexible manufacturing process means emergency systems can be customised to suit your needs. Whether it’s a basic eyewash or a fully self contained gravity fed shower or additional accessories such as audio visual alarms or lighting, Enware can advise and manufacture an appropriate solution for any situation.

Enware's VERTECH technology has been designed to create a Zero Velocity point for effective relief when you need it most.  This technology has redesigned the water velocity in an our eyewashes creating a gentle yet highly  effective flow, allow a greater amount of time in the flushing zone, particularity  important when cleansing sensitive eyeballs from hazardous materials this, combined with our dedicated eyewash streams for targeting and flushing eyes and independently angled face wash streams provide optimum coverage to ensure fast and effective flushing.

Enware emergency systems have been protecting people, the workplace and the environment for many years in industries such as mining, petrochemical, oil refinery, chemical manufacturing, handling and storage, as well as laboratories and hospitals.  Enware’s knowledge and expertise will ensure a solution that offers the best possible protection with products that will perform when needed most.

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