CKC celebrates 10 years – our story

Supplier: CKC Equipment
24 October, 2012

Starting in 2002 with one idea, one customer and one product we have come a very long way.

Past, present and the future – what have we done?

The Contractor's Kerb Cleaner was the genesis of it all. This was soon followed by drag brooms of which we now have a variety of designs.

After a workplace accident that seriously injured a friend of ours we quickly set about developing the Pipe Boss PVC cut and bevel tool. This was primarily to prevent the misuse of the quick cut saw in the piping industry.

Not only did this improve safety but also pipe preparation and productivity while reducing wastage.

This was quickly followed by the Pipe Master and Pipe Master MKII for concrete lined Ductile Iron pipe.

A customer rang up with a breakdown story which involved a hefty repair bill. Could we look at it and see if there is a better way he asked.

After two years of rigorous testing the fully hydraulic Pro Kerb machine was released to the market. This machine was a turning point in the concrete kerb and channel extrusion business due to its simplicity, technology used and low cost compared to the other machines available on the market.


Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we have just completed a saw suitable for cutting any size HDPE style pipe quickly and safely. This product will be on our website soon as we have just about completed on-site trials.

The new Flangelock tool is looking to be a great improvement in the hydraulics industry assisting with keeping systems contaminant free while reducing risks caused by dripping hydraulic hoses. We will continue to work towards getting this quality product well established in the market.

Looking to the future

We are currently working on hydraulic track mounted pylon cutters to suit just about any size steel pipe or even silos. This project is still in the early stages but progressing well.

What we develop next all depends on who calls next and what problem they are facing that requires a solution. This is what we do — we engineer solutions to problems as they are brought to our attention.

Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.