Benefits of low pressure accumulating roller conveyors

Supplier: Adept Conveyor Technologies By: Paul Johnson
10 December, 2014

Zero or low pressure accumulation conveyors have traditionally been complex and costly when incorporated into a materials handling system.

With the progress of technology, low pressure conveyor systems have become low cost, efficient, safe. They're available in a variety of powerful motor-driven configurations that can be adapted for your specific application.

In pick-and-pack warehouse environment, especially when dealing with sensitive or fragile products, zero accumulation can help prevent damage and offers a product that is presented in a manner that allows for easy processing.

The benefits of using a 24V DC motor drive roller conveyor:

Safe and efficient 24V DC power

The low voltage motor drive offers safety and low ongoing running costs. The motor drives are efficient when operating, and only operated as required and on demand in a staged operation. When compared to other powered conveyor types, significant energy savings can be realised with their use.

Robust and unique gearbox design

The 24V DC motor and gearbox are contained within the roller body and offer low ongoing running and maintenance costs. These drives are both powerful and efficient, and are available in various diameters, configurations, and speed ranges.

Wide range of speed and power

The 24V DC motor drive featuring a wide variety of mechanical configurations, produces instantaneous torque, and is available in a wide range of speeds.

 All this is done using a lot less energy than other conventional drives. The drive controllers are "plug and play", and allow for a wide range of adjustments that allow the drives to be tuned to your application.

In addition, conveyor system optimisation or conveyor system modifications can easily be accommodated as the drive controllers are modular and can easily be linked together.

Simple and reliable design

The design of the motor drive roller (with IP54 rating) can be incorporated into any conveyor construction type. The drive rollers are compact and clean, and perform efficiently with minimal maintenance required. Routine cleaning is generally all the maintenance that is needed.

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