Awnings, Sunshades and Partitions Now with Customised colours

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
04 September, 2020

Allplastics Engineering is pleased to offer Architects, designers; project managers and builders PEP-Core Design Composite translucent panels with custom printed colours to suit the décor of the venue or project.

The distinctive TRI Core of the Clear-PEP panels is manufactured with a patented core expander in Europe. The innovative characteristic of the open structure gives the lightweight panels not just a unique depth but also an extremely rigid feature as well as having a UV resistant advantage outdoors. The lightweight yet rigid geometry of the PEP CORE will allow installation with minimum support for horizontal surfaces thus saving thousands of dollars in otherwise heavy support structures such as steel and timber frames.


The translucent elements can be produced with high gloss or satin surfaces. Depending on the surface type (Acrylic or Polycarbonate) the face sheets bring a variety of light scattering effects.

Consider the PEP Core range for your next indoor or outdoor projects to give your venue the distinctive edge.

Please note that custom colours and printing require relatively long lead times and might require Minimum Order Quantities . We advise planning ahead for projects