Air quality audits can reduce electricity and service costs by 60%

Supplier: Air Energy By: Russell Garrett
21 January, 2014

Air Energy recently assisted a company reduce operating costs through air quality tests and compressed air audit.

A real example of how we can save your company money is demonstrated below.

We were recently contacted by a company to carry a compressed air audit. The company was spending $35,000pa on electricity and $24,000pa in service costs giving a total cost of $59,000pa.

Following our recommendation we successfully demonstrated how they could save between $31,000 to $37,000pa.

Compressed Air Audits with the following parameters:

  •     Flow
  •     Pressure
  •     Power Consumption
  •     Dewpoint

Air Audits - Air Quality Tests to Breathing Air Standards

Parameters tested include:

  •     Carbon Monoxide
  •     Oxygen levels
  •     Carbon Dioxide
  •     Odour
  •     Water Temperature
  •     Oil

It costs you money to change filter elements more often than necessary but it could cost more if your air quality doesn’t meet the standard.

To find out how we can reduce costs for your business please call or use the enquiry box for a direct reply.