111 Abrasives Australia Celebrates 30 Years of Business

Supplier: 111 Abrasives Australia By: 111 Abrasives Australia
14 March, 2018

111 Abrasives Australia is pleased to celebrate 30 years of trading this month.

Firstly, a little history. 111 Abrasives started in 1988 and was the first company to push for variable speed angle grinders/sanders/polishers and flap discs to become the standard in workshops around Australia. Since then we have continued to innovate the industry with the first handheld linear grinder/polisher the POLY PTX the PIPE MAX and were the first to have specific abrasives and tools for stainless steel.

These machines were not only our invention but also are constantly being improved upon and due to our close ties with Eisenblaetter (Our manufacturer) in Germany we can deliver and respond to our customers needs.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us and continued to support us throughout the years and we look forward to being of continued service to you.