Improved remote maintenance and control

Supplier: Automation Systems & Controls
27 September, 2011

Automation Systems and Controls Pty Ltd have been assisting clients improve their remote rural irrigation control through bringing together innovative standard features offered by Mitsubishi Electric’s FX3G Programmable Logic Controller and 700 Series variable speed drives.

Automation Systems and Controls Pty Ltd, is a Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation distributor based in Victoria, Australia that has become a reliable and sought after partner for irrigation control solutions. 

Their Mitsubishi Electric solution includes being able to access the variable speed drive parameters, performance and control remotely with a reliable, simplified and economical solution. 

"Cost reductions are further appreciated where more than one variable speed drive exists, with this solution allowing up to eight variable speed drives to communicate to one controller," says David Shead of Automation Systems and Controls.

"This becomes possible through the simple interface and connection of the variable speed drive to the PLC, using the FX series RS-485 ‘inverter communication’ feature through a low cost FX3G-485 BD inner board.  Both FX3G and FX3U programmable logic controllers contain inverter write and inverter read applied instructions, providing for transparency between the controller and inverter.  A suitable modem connected to the PLC such as a 3G modem which can also operate on GSM, GPRS and Edge networks complete the package to provide a communications interface for the remote program control and monitoring."  
Direct monitoring of irrigation controls can be time consuming and expensive.  Advantages of remote monitoring have been long understood, however alternative systems are often quite expensive and typically require site visits by technicians when fault analysis or changes to operating parameters are required. 

"Combining our system advantages with the energy saving features available in the 700 series Variable Speed Drives has made this both a practical and very cost effective industry leading solution," says Shead.