Choosing the right drawer slide: locking vs non-locking

Supplier: Ovesco By: ovesco
25 September, 2019

When you install drawers in your vehicle, there are three things you have to think about: the length of drawer you need, the weight it needs to be capable of supporting, and whether it needs to lock.

In this article, we're going to look at the different uses of locking and non-locking drawers to help you choose the right drawer slide for your needs.

When drawer slides are used in vehicles

Drawer slides, such as our range of Occo products, are common in many Australian vehicles.

Two popular uses are for people who want some convenient storage space on their vehicle and travellers who want to keep their motorhomes tidy and secure on the road, while still having functional and easy access to things when they settle down for the night.

For utes, drawer slides make it easy to have a secure storage in your tray that you can access easily when needed. You can install these at the far end of the tray and then slide the drawers out without needing to climb over your vehicle to access tools.

This also gives you the option to keep equipment locked up, which adds to your security and improves convenience.

In camper trailers and other motorhomes, you can keep cooking devices locked away securely while you're travelling or when you're relaxing in your space, then pull them out when it's time to prepare your meal.

Locking vs non-locking drawer slides

Technically, there's no right or wrong choice for what type of drawer slide you should use. However, there are definite benefits you can get from different options.

For locking drawer slides, you add the option to keep your drawers locked out at full extension and locked in at full contraction. This makes them ideal for slides that you want to keep open for a long time, such as those housing generators or BBQs, or when you're opening drawers on uneven surfaces as well as for when you want to keep things secure and closed while on the move.

This keeps their contents out in the open for longer, making them easier to use, and helps you to avoid any accidents while they're in use. To be safe and make sure the drawer is fully secure, it's recommended that you use a secondary locking device in mobile environments, such as a shot bolt.

Non-locking drawer slides don't have that same function, but they may be better suited for times when you don't have easy access to the locking mechanism, meaning you might struggle to properly lock or even unlock the slide.

This can be common if you have a facial front that has its own lock. These fronts often cover the locking mechanism of the drawer slide, making it impractical and more difficult to install.

Occo locking and non-locking drawer slides

ovesco is proud to stock Occo drawer slides in a range of sizes, load-bearing capacities and in both locking and non-locking formats.

Browse our online store to see all the products we have available or give us a call on 1800 811 556 for help choosing the right drawer slide for your needs.